I’m Ethan Minicucci


I am a New England Institute of Technology graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Graphics,Multimedia and Web Design. My primary focus and passions within graphic design are: photography, animation, web design and stop motion. I was previously enlisted in the United States Navy for a period of time before deciding to resume pursuing my degree within this field. During my time at NEIT, I worked as an intern for Alfram Videography. Within this internship I assisted with video shoots including weddings, estate sales, promo videos and more. I extremely enjoyed the experience within my internship and helped me become proficient with my photo and video skills.

About My Interests

Weight Lifting Enthusiast

Throughout most of my life, I dreaded sports and exercise. As I began my studies at New England Institute of Technology I began utilizing the fitness center a few days a week. Slowly but eventually exercise became a daily part of my routine and a method of de-stressing. I pride myself in the fitness journey I have embarked on and the progress I have made with my health and weight.

Automotive Experience

Before choosing my major at NEIT I strongly considered enrolling within an automotive or engineering related field. In the past I have found cars that were otherwise considered worthless and brought them back to life. I have a passion for working on my own cars and giving them life. I feel like I am a very hands-on person and mechanically inclined.