Lost Treasure Animated Diorama 2021

Lost Treasure Mini Animation

Background and Ideas

Within our 8th Quarter at New England Institute of Technology in 2021 we were tasked with creating an animated diorama of our choice. We were given free reign to choose the topic and the style in which we created the assets. Previously, we recently completed a small stop-motion project in which I used construction paper cutouts to create the stop-motion. Again, the stop-motion project was a brief one week assignment.

After Effect and Assets

I went with the same style of construction paper cutouts for the diorama animation. I cut out each asset and photographed them individually. From there I took the photos into photoshop and removed the white backdrop so the assets had transparent background. From there I compiled all the assets within a new After Effects file and began working off my storyboard. The initial idea of the story I envisioned a ship at sea that drops a submarine into the depths below. The submarine dives deeper and deeper through the ocean until it stumbles across an old weathered treasure chest. The lost treasure. Examining the treasure, suddenly a giant angler fish appears from a cave and eats the submarine. The treasure remains lost at sea.