Little Bird Design Portfolio

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Little Bird Design is the brand and collection of work done through my time at New England Institute of Technology. My main focus and forte in regards to graphic design are photography, animation and web design. My name is Ethan Minicucci, and I am a Bachelors graduate of Science in Graphics, Multimedia and Web Design. Head on over to the contact page to inquire about working with me. Click any of the pictures below to view the entire portfolio roster!

All of our dreams bloom when we are children; imaginative, whimsical, and free-spirited are our mindsets at these ages. Anything we can dream of seems like such a true and possible reality. I first found the passion for photography when I began creating stop motion LEGO films at a very young age. These projects weren’t to the scale of a massive production, but it opened the door for me to pursue this as a career at NEIT. Within my studies at university I discovered new passions for marketing, social media design, and animation. My school and work opportunities have helped me confidently state that I have the ability to change and adapt to the environment and challenges I may face.

Star Wars Toy Photography
Little Bird Design Business Card Mockup
Aeronaut Brewing Rebrand Seltzer Can Mockup